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Escorts Kiev dream

By an important index high level development of city there are international point-of-sale connections in IX – X ages. Main directions of economic interests of Kiev on the early stages of history were Escorts Kiev, Volzhskaya Bulgaria, Middle Asia, Iran, Byzantium, North Prichernomor’e, Caucasus. An indisputable certificate of these connections is mentions of Kiev as a point-of-sale partner in the reports of the Arabic authors, and also finds of the Escorts Kiev Arabic and byzantine chinks and wares on territory of city. On the years of coinage east dirkhemy engulf a period with Iix-go on X-y of age. They went out from the mints of Sabura, Kufy, Bukhara, Samarkand, Bagadada, Shasha, Merva, Balkha and other cities. From wares, found archaeologists, pastovye is selected glazchatye beads which was brought from Middle Asia are gold and plastin bangles, round pendants, covered a niello, watering bowl, bronze censer, glass cups. Byzantine chinks and wares are found in a less, but also sufficient amount. The analysis of writing sources shows that Russia, interested in regular economic relations with Byzantium, laboured for it, quite often coming running to force of weapon.

With defending of point-of-sale interests of Russia at the Escorts Kiev Black seaside, veroyantee all, it is necessary to link the first hike fixed in a chronicle on Constantinople. On the certificate of byzantine (emperor) Konstantina Bagryanorodnogo, his grandfather Vasiliy 1 (867 – 886) by “rich gifts, inclined the people of rosov, bellicose and godless gold, silver and silk clothes, to the negotiations, and, concluding the world with them, convinced them to accept the sainted christening and arranged this business so that they accepted an archbishop, sent patriarch by Escorts Kiev.

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